We use the latest security system for the generated PDFs. All your information is safe.

You can create inspections without internet connection and generate them, but you will not be able to download them. Once the connectivity is restored, you only have to tap on the inspection in Dashboard to be fully synchronized with the server. After that, you can easily download it.

Between the time the inspection is generated and the download availability, it can take from 0 to 5 minutes. This depends on the number of photos added to the inspection.

Every inspection that you start within our app, but it`s not generated due to lack of credits, is automatically saved as a draft into your AcePad account. It will appear in your Dashboard with status IN PROGRESS. You can edit it at any time and generate it at your convenience, once credits are added to the account.

You can share any of your inspections by sending it through a secured email to anyone you want. In your Dashboard page, tap on the inspection that you want to send, then press the Email icon. Fill in the email address and the message and hit SEND.

Just go to your dashboard, tap the inspection that you want to see and press the PDF button. The inspection is automatically opened within the app.

AcePad allows you to generate property inspections for incoming and outgoing tenants or Pre-Observation / Visit inspections for potential clients. Additionally, a furniture inspection and an Outgoing Charges Conventions can be added for a complete property report.