Our rental inspection app is able to provide a detailed PDF report with enhanced images taken by using AcePad intuitive capture images feature and securely store it in our cloud. All your documents will be available both online and offline (on your devices) for you to quickly review them.

This will help you minimize and limit your litigation based on improper management of your property inspections.

The cumbersome process of managing physical, printed property inspections, that is taking a lot of time organizing and storing documents, can be now replaced by our GREAT digital tool.


Faster, easier inspections with more detailed reporting and secured backup.

AcePad is providing the following features:

Property inspection report

- Time Saver ( +75% )
- Easy to use and to understand
- Reduce the risk of litigation
- Secured reports and signature

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Furniture inventory

- All your furniture is listed in detail
- You can organize the furniture quickly and easily by room
- Evaluation of damages on each furniture item

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Outgoing convention inspection

- Simple photo inspection
- Easy and accurate comparison
- Summarize all the expenses of damages
- Digitally report for tenants

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At Your Office...

If you are a real estate agent use AcePad at your office to prepare your inspections, to check the inspections reports that you have generated, to add new properties in your portfolio and do many other things that are our application is offering to you.

At Your Home...

If you are someone that is renting a property you can use our application to keep a record of the property at the time you rent it or at the time when you leave the property.

Our application is not used only by professional real estate agencies. Anyone that wants to have a tool that can easily generate an inspection report can use AcePad to do just that.

You just need to create an account and download our iOS or Android app. Enjoy it!


We have affordable packages for any needs
Our credit packages
Ultra Slim
1 inventory

16 CHF  10 CHF

10 CHF / credit
2 inventories

30 CHF

15 CHF / credit
5 inventories

55 CHF

11 CHF / credit
10 inventories

90 CHF

9 CHF / credit
25 inventories

150 CHF

6 CHF / credit
50 inventories

300 CHF

6 CHF / credit
100 inventories

600 CHF

6 CHF / credit
We also have Enterprise plans for larger packages. Please contact us us to find more.
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